About Us


REXTAN is one of the leading Brands in Security Steel Doors, Windows, Safe Case and hardware in India. We make your home look more beautiful. We have been catering to every section of society for good many years, and have become customer’s obvious choice over the years, and continue to be one of the most trusted names in our products. Initially we been promoting our products in the name of GM safety Doors and right now we been changed our brand to “REXTAN”.


Keeping ourselves abreast with latest technology and we are fully equipped to cater the needs of customer. Our products have supreme quality, durability and trend setting designs. We provide maximum number of styles and textures. Our products are world class products. We are quick moving organization and keep our services speedy. We are committed to take utmost care of our customers for long term business relationship. Our success can be accredited to our undying Zeal to excel and provide maximum possible customer satisfaction.Taking your needs and dreams into consideration, we concentrate more in secure and safety for our Clients. As you experience our services, we want you to feel understood and inspired, so that you come away thrilled about having worked with us.


Our 30 years in Service field is a testimony to our long-term success and the stability of relationships with our client, business partners and preferred vendors.


Expect to form a special bond with us as we journey together in the crafting of dreams that fulfill your design visions.


Rextan Window makes your home more secure as well as makes your home more beautiful. We make windows in high quality steel; we use quality hardware so that we are giving life time warranty for our products. Our product offers you high praise in market for their Competence, power, cost effective and corrosion resistance.  



Rextan is driven by core values that permeate the company and guide our relationships with dealers and homeowners:


  1. Respect all individuals.

  2. Create an environment that encourages personal growth, innovation and creativity by our associates.

  3. Pursue excellence through hard work and continuous improvement.

  4. Promote honesty and integrity in relationships with associates, suppliers and customers.