About Us


REXTAN offers high quality, beautiful and long-lasting safety steel doors custom built for you – at fair prices to enhance your home. REXTAN having 15 years of experience in construction field and has a wide range of products like security steel doors, steel windows, Galvalume (GL) doors, Galvanised Iron(GI) doors, Fire-proof steel doors, Fibre (FRPP) doors, Decorative interior doors, Bathroom doors, Living room doors, Kitchen doors, Office room doors, etc. We strive to elevate the ambiance of each home with magnificent doors and accents. We are confident in offering competitive prices with paramount quality of safety doors from standard to custom built designs to your specifications.
Our goal is to offer customers a well-balanced product: secure and enduring safety doors whilst requiring minimal maintenance.
We use the highest-grade, crafted components for our luxury steel doors and windows. Acquiring an exceptionally crafted entry door for your home should be a dream easily achieved through us and we successfully execute custom projects throughout the country.
We have elegantly blended our experience and industry knowledge to create a product that is built with superlatively - worth components that provides perpetual durability.
Let REXTAN be your partner in making an elegant architectural statement for your residence or establishment. Our commitment is to deliver impeccably built, functional, and awe-inspiring doors and windows that redefine excellence and protection.
We specialize in all types of projects, be it residential, commercial, or even retail.
Having been in business for thirty long years we have trusted reputation in the industry with our designs, quality and more prominently our service.
Steel is one of the toughest materials available, so it’s no wonder why doors made of steel are the most durable, as it will never crack, break or rot. But what are some of the other advantages to specifying steel for your door and frame materials?


Steel lasts longer, requires fewer repairs, and is sturdier than other products. It outperforms wood, aluminum, and fiberglass in security, fire ratings, sound reduction, vandal resistance, and other demanding environments. In fact, even when those other materials try to boost their results with special cores or other techniques, they still can’t match the performance and longevity of hollow metal steel.


With strength and durability comes a lower total cost of ownership. Properly installed and maintained our doors often last 30 years or longer. As the years pass, steel doors can be inexpensively repaired in the field while softer, less durable wood and aluminum doors will have to be replaced.


Forget the warmth of wood. Our steel doors offer an endless variety of stunning design options. Whether you re looking for a contemporary appearance, vibrant colors, or even a wooden grains finish, our products make your project stand out as it stands up to time and the environment.


Speaking of the environment, steel doors and Windows are smarter choice over wood for the planet. Since steel is recycled material, your doors and frames have a life far beyond your project. It can be recycled endlessly into new steel products. This closed-loop life cycle provides many environmental and economic advantages.